Duty Is A Mountain, Death A Feather

Dirge of Dead ; Seb McKinnon 

Or at least that’s what the Synod of Necromancers insists. Those who fail to do their duty to further the glorious struggle to extend the boundaries of the Bone Republic to the farthest corners of the world – even if that was because they were unfit for military service in life – clearly don’t deserve the unearned respite of the tomb. For them, a Major & a Shrieking Reveille will come to harry them out of their graves & into the ranks of the Legions of the Deathless.

The Legion’s only release is to be found in destruction, which is why the Majors take particular care to stamp out any dawning self awareness or thought in the ranks; those who begin to perceive their predicament have been found to be liable to drop their arms & welcome a second slaying by the Republic’s foes.

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