Weapons of the Week

German hunting knife with chiseled silver mountings and sheath, stag handle

However elvish these knives look, you’d better think twice before letting one see them. They were actually crafted for a notoriously lazy human noble who counted hunting among his many dilettante pursuits. Tracking animals through the woods or flushing birds out of the underbrush was such a chore, though. The solution, as was obvious to him, was to have the family’s indentured wizard create a tool for clearing away all that inconvenient nature.

The result was this pair of hunting knives. Not only do they slash through vines, saplings & so on as if they were so much cheap rope, but the cut segments crumble to a heap of rust within moments. Makes it so much easier to make your way back if you don’t have to deal with a heap of chopped debris, don’t you know. Use one to girdle a tree & the tree will sicken & topple within minutes. If a wielder were to really apply themselves, they could deforest an entire acre in at most a day & leave it barren for years to come.

They’re also liable to get beaten within an inch of their lives if an elf spots them with one.

Pair of Flintlock Pistols of Empress Catherine the Great (1729–1796),1786

The elaborate gold & silver inlay in this brace of pistols is what catches the eye initially. It takes some knowledge of natural history to notice that the stock isn’t walrus, elephant or narwhal ivory – it’s carven from ghoul bone. Whatever you load the pistols with, when they’re fired what comes out is a razor sharp tooth. If the target isn’t killed outright they may still be paralyzed, swiftness of onset & duration dependent on how grave the wound is.

One small drawback – anyone shot dead gnaws their way out of their coffin the next evening to join the ravening horde that provided the pistol bone in the first place.

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