Urban Hexcrawl Encounter 33: Street Ankheg

Early spring is the most dangerous time to be dawdling in the streets. Not because of the traffic – the pavement is so crumbling so badly that trying to do better than 25kph is asking for a blowout or a broken tie rod – but because the sodden condition of the underlayment & soil makes it easy for ankhegs to dig pit traps. The water doesn’t discourage them, either; in fact the smarter ones have learned to make use of the suction caused by the sudden flush into their tunnels. The treacherous mire at the edges of the pit helps too, by making it harder for prey to climb out.

The ankhegs prefer to go for smaller prey like young children since they put up less of a fight, which compensates for their lesser calorie content. Anyone who has survived long enough to become a grandparent knows to keep an eye peeled for preschoolers being pulled under whenever they’re out & about.

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