A Character a Day: Day 26

It has eternal lain on my shelf – or at least for the last 17 years, the receipt from the FLGS is still tucked in the back – & it’s finally time to bring out Call of Cthulhu d20. For some reason I had remembered this as a Ken Hite production, but darned if it […]

A Character a Day: Day 25

Still in the apoca-horror vein (har) today, we crack open Monte Cook’s World of Darkness (aka the McWoD). This one’s a bit of an oddity. It’s an OGL RPG that came out in 2007, a couple of years after the launch of the nWoD. So you’ve got the basic 5×5 organization of kith & subgroups […]

A Character a Day: Day 24

The world has been saved but things still aren’t looking too good for Tokyo in today’s game, the 1999 Guardians of Order RPG Demon City Shinjuku, based on the anime of the same name. Just over a decade ago a powerful evil sorcerer named Levih Rah put in motion a plan to open a gateway […]

A Character a Day: Day 23

The world is finally no longer ending today, but it’s still in grave danger. Day 23 brings us to another CJ Carella game, oddly enough: his 1995 Palladium RPG Nightbane. Originally titled Nightspawn but renamed after some legal pressure from, I swear I’m not making this up, Todd MacFarlane about the whole “Spawn” thing, this […]

A Character a Day: Day 22

We find ourselves in media finem mundi today as we crack open C.J. Carella’s 1996 game Armageddon. It’s a spiritual (har) successor to the earlier WitchCraft, whose backstory/metaplot included hints of a looming future catastrophe à la Gehenna in the World of Darkness. Well, in Armageddon the catastrophe has stopped looming & shown up good […]

A Character a Day: Day 21

Today’s apocalypse is still on the horizon but it makes up for it by being the literal John-of-Patmos-huffing-cave-vapors Apocalypse. Next on the shelf is The Seventh Seal, 2002, from Creative Illusions. The PCs in this game are all Sentinels, humans chosen by Archangels to receive a small measure of divine power to use in the […]

A Character a Day: Day 20

The apocalypse goes on with a Gallic shrug in today’s game, Wasteland: les terres gâchées. It’s a French RPG, so I’ll give the original terms from the text along with my translations for them. A thousand years ago (stop me if you’ve heard this one before), civilization came to a crashing end. Battles for dominion […]

A Character a Day: Day 19

The world continues to have ended in 1998’s Tribe 8. A thousand years ago, the world came to an end. It may have been on its last legs already but the arrival of the Z’bri tipped it over the edge. Are they aliens? Demons? Monsters from another dimension? To this day no one knows, but […]

A Character a Day: Day 18

Continuing in the post- or peri-apocalyptic vein, today’s character is brought to us by a|state, a 2001 game from Contested Grounds. If Kult is the Clive Barker RPG, then a|state is the China Miéville one. Think Perdido Street Station with a soupçon of Dark City thrown in for good measure. Every single human being lives […]

A Character a Day: Day 17

It’s a segue from action-adventure-intrigue to the post-apocalyptic section of the shelf today. Day seventeen’s character is for the 1984 third edition of The Morrow Project (TMP). The premise of the game is that starting in the early 1960s, a mysterious wealthy industrialist named Bruce Morrow began to show certain powerful & influential people undeniable […]