Urban Hexcrawl Encounter 33: Street Ankheg

Early spring is the most dangerous time to be dawdling in the streets. Not because of the traffic – the pavement is so crumbling so badly that trying to do better than 25kph is asking for a blowout or a broken tie rod – but because the sodden condition of the underlayment & soil makes […]

Plague Unicorn

It’s said that to kill a unicorn is one of the gravest sins one can commit. The price in Corruption a deed so foul exacts is high enough to kill some mortals on the spot. There is worse still. There is more than one who would attempt it, whether in the service of the Exarchs […]

Weapons of the Week

However elvish these knives look, you’d better think twice before letting one see them. They were actually crafted for a notoriously lazy human noble who counted hunting among his many dilettante pursuits. Tracking animals through the woods or flushing birds out of the underbrush was such a chore, though. The solution, as was obvious to […]

The Measurer

When the ground shakes like a cavalry charge but the accompanying noise is a bovine bellow rather than the shrieking of horses, you know that a Measurer is on the prowl. These enormous undead, fully seven feet tall if they were ever to dismount from the jet black ox they ride, rampage across the countryside […]

It’s Showtime

The Unfathomable Professor Mesmerismo was the first to discover the somewhat unusual properties of burning fuels other than the standard quicklime in a magic lantern. Other mineral compounds would open windows onto one of any number of other planes. Most were infernal – not a surprise considering the revolting stench of the resulting fumes – […]

The Groaning Board

Along with the better known Decanters of Endless Water & Daily Bread Pouches (which produce enough fruit bread to keep four people fed for a day), you’ll occasionally find larger serving boards that can conjure a whole feast. Unfortunately what you’ve stumbled across may also turn out to be a Groaning Board. It isn’t the […]

The Bigger Picture

They had taken every precaution in the ceremonies that attended each burial. No one had been laid down without the prescribed prayers & every grave was supplied with at least a minimally protective marker. Even those who left no one behind didn’t go unattended; the groundskeepers made sure to leave everyone pancakes, eggs & flowers […]

Duty Is A Mountain, Death A Feather

Or at least that’s what the Synod of Necromancers insists. Those who fail to do their duty to further the glorious struggle to extend the boundaries of the Bone Republic to the farthest corners of the world – even if that was because they were unfit for military service in life – clearly don’t deserve […]

At the Temple of the Goose Goddess

If you seek swiftness, ferocity, implacability, then make the trek over the granite hills to the abandoned lakeshore, given over to the dozens of birds that prowl it in tireless rage, where all that now remains is the idol to the Lady of Geese. If – big if – you manage to withstand the gauntlet […]