Character Creation Wrapup

That’s a wrap for the January Character Creation Challenge. First off, hats off to TardisCaptain for kicking off the challenge & for soldiering through some pretty gnarly chargen of his own. This has been a lot of fun, & it’s interesting to see how other participants have approached it.

For my own quick reference, here are all the characters I’ve created this month. Hard to believe there were really 31 of them until you see them listed.

  1. Bitegristle the goblin spiritualist for Legendary Lives
  2. Menekrates the priest for Mazes & Minotaurs
  3. Korroth Aithcyn the ninja for World of Synnibarr
  4. Thialda of Ilmiora, sorcerer-thief, for Stormbringer
  5. Lavinia Diggingham the Mohock for For Faerie, Queen, & Country
  6. Varlin the artisan for Ryuutama
  7. Tanda Pellar the ranger for Blue Rose (True20 version)
  8. Herewynn the beastmaster for DragonQuest
  9. Robrose Winchgirdle the halfling charcoal burner for Warhammer Fantasy Role Play
  10. Odgudana the troll troubadour for Earthdawn
  11. Lindel the elf apostate mage for Dragon Age
  12. The Operator from The Night Comes For Us for Haven: City of Violence; the only overt knockoff of a character from an existing property this month
  13. Chance Ballister, maverick cop, for Extreme Vengeance
  14. Moore McGeehan, wheelman with a heart of gold for Mercenaries, Spies, & Private Eyes
  15. Cathy Gatewood, weirdness investigator, for Pandemonium!
  16. Todd Fournier, Aegis agent, for Conspiracy X
  17. Norine Madigan, post-apoc reconstructionist, for The Morrow Project
  18. Tarka L’Herpinière the agoraphobic electrician druid for a|state
  19. Marceline Shadow Eye the Yagan Doomsayer for Tribe 8
  20. Baldomero Puente Galán the dwarven noble ferreter for Wasteland: les terres gâchées
  21. Samsara Hawke the Urielite Sentinel for The Seventh Seal
  22. Ashton Rickman, Heritor of Toutatis, for Armageddon
  23. Seth Demidowicz, low-level crook muscle turned chrome elf for Nightbane
  24. Masanobu Hanako the oni-blooded biker gang leader for Demon City Shinjuku
  25. Rook, vampire of Clan Mekhet, for Monte Cook’s World of Darkness
  26. Professor Benjamin Cutler, investigator, for Call of Cthulhu d20
  27. Yan-Mei, secret heir to leadership of the martial Falcon Clan, for Qin: The Warring States
  28. Valentin Clémencet, Musketeer, for All For One: Régime Diabolique
  29. Amasa Hutchin the Maine Coon cat for Cat
  30. Novice Monell Samdiphor of the Eskatonic Order for Fading Suns
  31. Tilo Schwyzer-Vogel, hotshot pilot of ill repute, for the Terran Trade Authority RPG

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